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Commissioning of X-Ray FELs   :     Introduction

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Introduction and Goals

This one week invitational workshop will focus on machine commissioning plans, methods of measurement and correction, and possible strategies for the initial start-up and preliminary operations of future X-Ray Free-Electron Laser (FEL) facilities. The workshop will cover all aspects of the FEL, from photo-cathode drive laser to X-ray beam transport and diagnostics. The goals for the workshop will be to:

1) discuss machine start-up strategies, parameters and expectations,
2) highlight methods and new ideas for optimizing and characterizing
the electron and X-ray beams,
3) review previous relevant FEL commissioning experience, and
4) define the simulation tools and controls environment needed for
commissioning and operations.

Of particular interest are methods to diagnose machine errors such as undulator imperfections; ideas to detect and characterize FEL radiation when systems are performing at sub-standard levels; and detailed simulations used to support machine setup, measurement and feedback strategies.

In order to facilitate discussions, selected LCLS and European-XFEL subsystems will be studied prior to the workshop. For example, one working group might layout a preliminary commissioning plan for the LCLS injector which will serve as the framework for discussions during the workshop.
The workshop will be organized into four subject areas such as drive laser and injector, linac, undulator, and x-ray beamlines with the final goal of a complete commissioning plan.

A dedicated link containing information on benchmark scenarios will be made available soon.






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